• NOC Service
eMINK offers a wide range of monitoring services. Our services allow us to readily customize monitoring for a specific MINK, while still allowing us to scale easily and grow with our customers. The eMINK NOC System is based on a three-tier software architecture that enables high-performance network communications. We’re using industrial standard web interface for system management and maintenance tasks, but for communication between kiosks and servers, we’re using “Secured Internet Sockets” for data and message transmission.
  • Network Connection Monitoring (Client)
This function unobtrusively monitors the status of the connection. It probes the Internet connection every 5 minutes and if a request is not replied to within the specified period of time, an alert is generated which triggers a fault/problem process task by the MINK. Therefore, MINK will automatically display the network connection as being down and stop any payments or credit card transactions.
  • NOC Heartbeat Monitoring
Each MINK has its own unique ID that our NOC recognizes. This function automatically sends the status of the MINK through specified ports to our NOC Heartbeat Server. The greeting tests the heartbeat subsystem and sends the status every 5 minutes. If a request heartbeat signal is not received within the specified time, an alert is generated which triggers a fault/problem process task by the NOC.
  • MINK Self-Monitoring
In contrast to the Network Connection, monitoring or Network connection Monitoring services, this function is based on intrusive agent functions running on the MINK. The software agent runs programs that test the statuses and proper functioning of the GUI. The hardware agent detects other environmental statuses such as the internal temperature and power stability. With this service, the NOC gains visibility into critical internal operations parameters, including processor, disk or memory utilization metrics, operating temperature, forced intrusion, AC power source and programs. If a parameter is identified as faulty or out of tolerance, an alert is generated which triggers a fault/problem process task by the NOC.
  • AD Engine & Monitoring
AD Engine provides advertisers with the power to manage and control media and scheduling. Media schedules can be uploaded to individual or groups of MINKs. The power of AD engine does not end here. It also provides reports and summaries of the scheduled advertisements that are readily available to the kiosk owner through a secure access website.
  • Billing System
This function is focused on measuring performance features of the Internet and phone revenues. From a list of standard measures, each customer is able to choose specific desired performance factors, which are then used to configure the service. These performance factors include basic service charge, volume setting, operation hours, etc.
  • Income Report
This service provides real-time statistics of the customer’s MINKs. It reports on revenue statistics and performance including the Internet or phone utilization of a group of MINKs or particular MINK. Reports are handled through a secure access Web site, which provides graphs and charts of various metrics.
  • Usage Reports
This service presents statistics on MINK status and operations. The service will report on an individual MINK's and is very useful for viewing statistics of a MINK. Report presentations are handled through a secure access Web site that shows graphs of various server performance metrics.
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