eMINK GUI 3.0 is a comprehensive software package that is completely web-based, providing the highest level of customization. The interface can be designed to apply specifically to the types of applications that are unique to each owner. The software is easy to modify and incorporates all of the latest internet technology formats including HTML and Flash. Specialized themes can be designed by integrating all types of media that web-based formats have to offer. eMINK software evolves at the same pace as the internet and updates can be provided to customers on a continual basis.

Featured functionality

  • Internet browsing
  • Secured email sending and receiving
  • Unique photo email
  • Audio visual advertising loops when kiosk platform is not in use
  • Adjustable pay rate control, such as charge by minute or usage
  • Local or remote advertisement upload

Interface design flexibility

  • Layout & theme can be customized
  • Major search engine shortcut access available
  • Touch Screen keyboard as an option
  • Frequent used feature button mapped on touch screen keyboard, such as @

Security & Maintenance

  • Profane forbidden URLs surfing and operating system protection
  • User privacy protection
  • Control panel of QC interface enables customer to test major kiosk component
  • Unauthorized use of the system, such as force open the coin box, will trigger the alarm
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